A woman with brown har standing in a natural setting

Michaux Dempster

Assistant Professor

Harris Hall 5105

Office hours: Monday, 1 p.m.-2 p.m. and 3 p.m.-4 p.m.


Michaux Dempster is a faculty member in the Department of Focused Inquiry. Prior to serving as a faculty member, she was privileged to edit, transcribe and annotate a group of letters by the writer Peter Taylor, written to his friend John Thompson, then editor of the New York Review of Books; she was also the first recipient of the David Baldacci Fiction Fellowship. Her scholarly work is published in the International Journal of Higher Education and in the Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, Special Edition: Entrepreneurship in Higher Education; she has fiction in Millennium and Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue, and has many book reviews in Blackbird, VCU's online journal of literature and the arts. She has given presentations at many conferences, including CIDER in Blacksburg CEA in Baltimore, and the Peabody Graduate School for Education at UVA. She is currently working on a historical-fantasy novel entitled Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Fairy Melusine.


  • M.Ed.- School Counseling, Auburn University
  • M.A.- Writing & Rhetoric, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • M.F.A.- Creative Writing, Virginia Commonwealth University