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Mary Lou Hall

Associate Professor

Harris Hall 5113

Office hours: Tuesday, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Power Dynamics and Learning in the American Classroom/ Race

Class and Ethnicity in American Higher Ed


Virginia Commonwealth University has been Mary Lou Hall's academic home since she was an undergraduate student. She joined the Department of Focused Inquiry in its first year, 2007. As a teacher and researcher, she is particularly interested in the ways that both overt and subtle power dynamics are still embedded in the American education system, and the ways those dynamics can be questioned, modified and/or replaced by more inclusive practices that allow students to share power and responsibility. Also, as a kid stuck in an adult body, she also write stories. 


  • M.F.A.- Creative Writing with Composition, Virginia Commonwealth University


  • UNIV 111
  • UNIV 112
  • UNIV 200


  • United Campus Workers of America
  • REWORK Richmond VA